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Waffle Flower

Waffle Flower Layered Flower Duo Die-n-Stencil

Waffle Flower Layered Flower Duo Die-n-Stencil

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This is a fun way to easily cut and color flowers and their leaves.  This set includes a 5-piece die (with etched detail) set, to cut 2 sizes of flowers, 2 sizes of leaves and a stem with leaves.  You also get a stencil for coloring 2 layers for each flower, 2 layers for each flower center, and 1 layer for each leaf shape.

To use: Die cut the images first, and then use the stencil to color each piece.


  • Create a "jig" by keeping the paper remaining from die cutting the images.  You can hold the images in the jig while stenciling.
  • Use a Waffle Flower Stencil Mat or Grip Mat to hold onto die cuts while stenciling.

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