Collection: Heat Transfer Foil

Foiling allows you to add a polished finish to your projects!  Today, there are so many way to foil and tons of colors and designs to use!

We currently offer only heat transfer foil products in our Shoppe.  (These are NOT compatible with the foiling systems (like Glimmer, etc.).

For this, you only need four things:

  1. A sheet of heat transfer foil. These foils come in a variety of beautiful colors and levels of bling!  There are glitter foils, metallic much fun!
  2. A foiling sheet.  You can get these in tons of different designs, sentiments and more!  The designs are coated with either a heat reactive toner or the proprietary Gina K Designs POLY-GLAZE material.  When heated, the foil will transfer to the design on your sheet--making a crisp and beautiful impression.  From there, you can ink blend, die cut or trim the foiling sheets and add them to your projects!
  3. A transfer folder is just a protective covering over the transfer foil and sheet, as it passes through the laminator.  You can choose from a reusable transfer folder like the Pink and Main Mini Minc Transfer Folder, or use a folded piece of parchment paper!
  4. Once you've selected a foil, and a sheet...and then covered them with a transfer folder, you're ready to seal the deal!  Run your foil sandwich through a regular laminator machine.  If you're looking for one, we have a limited supply of the gorgeous Pink and Main Mini Minc machine in stock!

Take a look at the beautiful assortment of foiling products in store!