Collection: OLO Alcohol Ink Markers

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OLO alcohol ink markers were designed with artists and crafters in mind! They color smoothly, and come in a wide variety of vibrant hues. These markers are perfect for coloring stamped images, adding color to scrapbook layouts and other papercrafting projects.

Join Kelli G in the Craftique Studio on YouTube, to see how they work!

image of a variety of OLO markers with swatches

There are many reasons why you should consider adding OLO markers to your crafty stash:


  • Each marker comes with 2 colors--one on each end.  Each barrel is filled with 2 oz. of ink, for a total of 4 oz. in each marker!
  • OLO's patented free-flow technology enables you to get over 90% (versus 60% with other markers) of the ink out of every marker!  This allow you to get the most out of your purchase.
  • Purchase refill cartridges and for easy and mess-free replacements.

You can customize these markers to suit your style!  Here's how:

  • Switch the colors you want on either side of your markers.
  • Make them one color markers instead, by adding handles to your markers.
  • Choose from brush or chisel tips.

OLO provides several color chart options to help you manage your collection.  You can download them all from our Dropbox folder.

We now offer several options to try OLO markers.  Check out all of our collections below.