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OLO Alcohol Markers Cool Gray Collection - 4 Markers/8 Colors

OLO Alcohol Markers Cool Gray Collection - 4 Markers/8 Colors

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Create your own coloring experience with high-quality OLO Markers!  Each of these extraordinary markers comes with 2 vibrant colors--each with 2oz of their patented free-flow ink (replaceable) cartridges (total of 4 oz each marker). Each marker in this set has a brush tip. 

  • Mix and match the colors to create your own personalized set!
  • Chisel tips and brush handles (to create single color markers) are also available! 
  • Learn more about OLO markers and the other collections in the Craftique Shoppe here!

The Cool Gray Collection offers several shades of softer grays, leading to black.  This set would be great for coloring gray critters, like elephants and mice.  It contains the following 8 colors on 4 double-sided markers (swatches included in pictures):

  • C-G 0 - Cool Gray 0
  • C-G 3 - Cool Gray 3
  • C-G 1 - Cool Gray 1
  • C-G 5 - Cool Gray 5
  • C-G 7 - Cool Gray 7
  • BK - Blue Black
  • C-G 9 - Cool Gray 9
  • K - Pure Black

For more information about OLO Markers, click here.

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