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Spellbinders Peony Perfection Press Plate & Registration Template (BetterPress)

Spellbinders Peony Perfection Press Plate & Registration Template (BetterPress)

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This sweet set includes 6 press plates: 4 sentiments ("Thanks ever so much", "Wishing you well", for my dearest friend:, and "hello") in a mix of print and a stylish script font, and 2 floral pates: 1 with 2 full peonies and 1 with the 2 coordinating stems and leaves.  They are designed in an artistic line art detail that looks gorgeous when pressed!  The flowers and stems/leaves can be pressed in different colors through the magic of the registration template!

Now you can easily create colorful letterpressed images!  The registration template is a clear acetate sheet that you will place on the magnetic insert on the chase.  It includes an outline of the different pieces in the plate set.  Simply place each of the plates for a specific color along the guidelines, ink and press!  Align the next plates over the outlines for the next color, and repeat!  (Download a copy of the instructions for registration here.)

Lose your template?  No worries!  You can download and print out a paper copy here!

Crafty Ideas:

  • Use the colors in the same BetterPress mini ink pad set, for a coordinated color look.
  • Press more than one card at a time, while going through the steps with each color.

NOTE: BetterPress plates are created to work seamlessly with the BetterPress Letterpress System by Spellbinders.  These plates serve double duty, as you can also use them to hot foil the image with your Glimmer or similar machine.

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You can find the system, along with special papers, inks and other supplies that make it all magical here!

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