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Spellbinders Glimmering Buttercups Glimmer and Stencil Bundle

Spellbinders Glimmering Buttercups Glimmer and Stencil Bundle

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These hot foil plates are to be used only with the Glimmer Hot Foil (or compatible) system.  This is not the heat transfer system that is used with the laminator.

Create gorgeous and colorful buttercups in a bunch with this set.  It comes with one large Glimmer plate with an outlined design of buttercup blooms and bulbs.

The 5-piece layering stencil is 5"x7" in size.  You can use multiple colored inks with a blending brush to fully color the flowers and leaves.

This is part of the Glimmering Flowers Collection.

See all of the other Hot Foil plates in the Craftique Shoppe!  Don't forget to add some hot foils to your collection!

Crafty ideas:

  • Foil in one color on dark cardstock for a nice contrast.
  • You can make multiple panels at one time!



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