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Spellbinders Full Size BetterPress Ink Pad - DIY Color

Spellbinders Full Size BetterPress Ink Pad - DIY Color

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This full-sized pad allows you to get better coverage over the larger BetterPress plates!

You can create your own custom color with this ink pad, or upgrade a color to a larger ink pad. 

To use: Add a few drops from up to 3 colors of BetterPress re-inkers in your desired color to the dry felt pad.  Allow ink to fully absorb into the pad before using.  Reapply ink as necessary.

These inks have been formulated by Ranger to be used specifically with the BetterPress system, to bring out the professional level quality of the images made with BetterPress plates.  The colors are made with rich archival inks, so they're acid free, and they won't bleed when using watercolors or alcohol markers.

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