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Spellbinders BetterPress Flower Stems Plate & Die Set (Pressed Posies)

Spellbinders BetterPress Flower Stems Plate & Die Set (Pressed Posies)

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Versatility abounds in this awesome BetterPress plate and die set.  It's from the Pressed Posies collection.  (Exclusive Pressed Posies class kit and related items available here!)

You get a total of 5 plates with beautiful posie flowers and blooms, with stems and leaves.  After pressing each design, you can die cut them with the coordinating dies!  This is a

Crafty Ideas:

  • These pieces can be arranged on the BetterPress platen to create a scene.
  • They are also easier to color with different BetterPress inks.
  • Press and cut all of the designs, and then create a beautiful scene or layout.
  • Die cut the shapes with double-sided adhesive paper, and create gorgeous stickers!

NOTE: BetterPress plates are created to work seamlessly with the BetterPress Letterpress System by Spellbinders.  These plates serve double duty, as you can also use them to hot foil the image with your Glimmer machine.

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You can find the system, along with special papers, inks and other supplies that make it all magical here!

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