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OLO Alcohol Markers Winter Collection - 4 Markers/8 Colors

OLO Alcohol Markers Winter Collection - 4 Markers/8 Colors

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Create your own coloring experience with high-quality OLO Markers!  Each of these extraordinary markers comes with 2 vibrant colors--each with 2oz of their patented free-flow ink (replaceable) cartridges (total of 4 oz each marker). Each marker in this set has a brush tip. 

  • Mix and match the colors to create your own personalized set!
  • Chisel tips and brush handles (to create single color markers) are also available! 
  • Learn more about OLO markers and the other collections in the Craftique Shoppe here!

The Winter Collection includes icy blues and shades of purples, along with a strong coordinating red.  It contains the following 8 colors on 4 double-sided markers (swatches included in pictures):

  •  R 0.5 - Vermillion
  • BG 7.0 - Forest Mist
  • O 7.1 - Pub
  • BV 4.2 - Bellflower
  • BV 4.5 - Concord Grape
  • B 0.5 - Blue Sapphire
  • B 0.3 - Kyanite
  • B 0.7 - Ultramarine

For more information about OLO Markers, click here.

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