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Hero Arts

Hero Arts Two-Tone Metallic Sprays (Assorted Colors)

Hero Arts Two-Tone Metallic Sprays (Assorted Colors)

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These luminous sprays are a fun way to add a splash of glitzy color to your projects!

They come to you dry, with a shiny metallic mica powder (assorted colors), mixed with an assorted range of colored dye watercolor powder, in a 2 oz. bottle with spray nozzle.

To activate:  Add desired amount of water to the bottle and shake well to blend.  Spray at different lengths and strengths to achieve desired results

Care: To avoid clogging of the spray nozzle, Hero Arts recommends shaking the bottle from side-to-side to mix up the pigment.

Select from the gorgeous rainbow of colors below.

Crafty ideas:

  • Put your project in a splatter box (an old box that you only use for this purpose) and spray to add a finishing touch.
  • Spray heavily over a stencil to create an abstract design on your paper.
  • Create a patterned paper by spraying a couple of colors on a large sheet of paper, then cut.
  • Create a gorgeous tone-on-tone effect by spraying a colored spray on a similar color cardstock.
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