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Oh Baby! Precious projects created from one die set

So, my sister is having a baby!  (EEEEEEE!) It's been a very long time since I've had the occasion to even think about shopping for cute little baby clothes!  And since I really enjoy making cards, it was the perfect excuse to play with the Honey Bee Stamps Bundle of Joy standalone die set! 

Honey Bee Stamps Bundle of Joy and Welcome Baby Sentiments

You can't help but get excited when you see all of these precious little clothes!  There are plenty of options to make different outfits--from the sleeper onesie, to the top and pants, and the ruffled romper.  There are also a few accessories to make your project even more special:  a clothes hanger, accordion rack, some bows and buttons. 

Honey Bee has also created a sentiment stamp set that pairs perfectly with these dies, Welcome Baby Sentiments.   There are sweet greetings and well wishes that can be used on the inside or outside of a card, an invitation, or even a framed picture to decorate baby's nursery.  Examples include, "Tiny hands, tiny feet, BIG LOVE", and "For this child we have prayed - 1Samuel 1:27".  Bonus: There's also a coordinating die set that hugs each sentiment to a tee!

I could hardly wait to make something with this set, and I surprised myself with the results...


onesie shower invitation image

Here are the steps that I took to create this CAS (cute and simple) shower invitation sample, along with a few helpful tips:

  • Pick the right papers to make the onesie "cloth".  I dug through my scrap bin found the perfect papers to use.  My recommendation would be to find papers with a tight and simple pattern or texture, like linen, stripes or polka dots.  I happened to have some plain cardstock in a coordinating yellow. For more variety, you can choose a complimentary color, or something that matches the shower theme. 
yellow onesie supplies
  • Die cut all of the pieces.  Don't forget the accessories and accents!  Honey Bee Stamps makes some really high quality dies!  The buttons, creases and other details that you see on the die above are actually embossed into the finished piece!  Still, I decided to cut out the little buttons in the same paper to add some more texture.  I also found some silver paper scraps, which was perfect for the hanger!
  • Add finishing touches.  To highlight the embossed detail further, I traced over the lines with a TriBlend marker in the lightest shade of Ice Gray.
  • Prepare the invitation details.  The text of the invitation was created in Microsoft Word and printed out.  A good shortcut is to create a word box in the measurements you need for the information, type it up, and then copy & paste it multiple times on the document page.  That way, you can print out several copies at one time.
  • Measure and cut background pieces. I decided to use the yellow cardstock as a matte for the shower details and as an anchor for the entire invitation.  I really like how it ties all the color together, and properly guides your eyes around the piece!

I was so amped after finishing this invitation sample, that I rummaged through my scrap bin to see what else I could create!  Here is another work in progress.  I'm not sure if I want to include a sentiment on the bottom panel and turn it into a card for my sister, or include a scripture and frame it for the baby's room.  One thing's for's just the cutest little onesie, yes it is! (in my high pitched baby talk voice).

This time, I found two different coordinating papers, and used them both throughout.

gray onesie project

Below is the sum of my fun for the evening!  I also thought about a gift tag, and an adorable mini closet with a couple of outfits!  Thank you cards, scrapbook layouts for a baby book...there's so much you can do with this die set!

onesie sample designs

If you've just got to have it all, check it out in the Craftique Shoppe:

PSST! Honey Bee Stamps makes other awesome dies and sentiments sets.  Take a look at Honey Bee Stamps goodies in the Craftique Shoppe!

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